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Train wreck said:

It seems like every metric for Monster Hunter Rise vs World is down outside Rise > World sales in Japan.

10 million for MHW in 8 months (no expansion, limited XBO sales and first week PC)
10 million for MHR in 15/16 months (with an expansion release, strong base PC and Switch)
Lower west engagement (MHW ex Japan > MHR ex Japan)
Lower PC engagement (Lower Steam peaks for MHR)
Lower DLC engagement so far (2.5 million for a muted xbox one and PS4 release vs 2 million for PC and Switch)

The only limit on the Xbox version was the lack of Japanese release so it is still on two platforms just fine in those 8 months where as Rise was only on one platform for 9 months and hit 8m.

World would have higher engagement its on three platforms and been out longer as for the DLC it also came further down the line as well as Sunbreak comes 6 months into the PC version and 15 months into the Switch version. Iceborne came 20 months into the Xbox and PS4 versions so had a bigger user base on those two platforms.