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FarleyMcFirefly said:

So I am about 9 hours in so far, on chapter 5 doing the Black Eagles route, and I am having trouble getting invested in it. Fire Emblem Three Houses is in my top 10, I spent 440 hours in Fodlan. I loved almost everything about the game. I always thought it would be amazing to get a Warriors spin-off set in Fodlan, and when we were first shown this game in February, I was beyond excited.

My initial hope for Three Hopes was for it to be an alternate story where all Three Houses combine for a 'good ending' for all the lead characters. But the way that it is split into three again, it just feels like a much inferior alternative to Three Houses. So far, I just feel like important plot points in Three Houses are revealed so quickly it feels insignificant. I don't quite feel the stakes that I felt playing Three Houses. 

Also kind of disappointed by the lack of S-support conversations... I know it is a trivial complaint. But it seems strange to not include it.

Gameplay wise this does not disappoint at all. I have loved this style of game since I was introduced with Hyrule Warriors. I hope to see more Nintendo IP get the Warriors treatment.

Maybe I am being too critical. I am only on chapter 5 so far. Maybe it ends well... But those are just my thoughts.

What are your thoughts on this game?

For the most part, my feelings were along the same lines. Unfortunately, if you feel that way now, I doubt your opinions will change as you play it more. The gameplay is good if you like Warriors, and while the overall story fell a bit flat, there are some good character interactions to enjoy. I had a fairly good time once my expectations were lowered.