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I wouldn't say it was under priced as I had to re-buy it several times plus extended warranty :/ And that power brick, massive!

Great console but I got afraid to actually use the thing, hence more time spend on ps3 during the second half of that generation. My favorites were TDU, Dead Rising, Alan Wake, Braid and Fez.

I still have the HD-DVD add-on for it and a dozen HD-DVD discs. The good ones replaced by Blu-rays, but at the time it was still up in the air which format would win. The rechargeable battery packs all died, (ps3 controllers still charge) but the controllers are much better build (not flimsy) If only they had better analog sticks and d-pad.

Does a Series X controller work on 360? Probably just easier to play the 360 games on Series X and also still afraid to turn the 360 on lol.