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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Things that Xbox 360 stood out the most and the console is underpriced and a gem

I loved the 360!

I'll add to the list.
-1000s of super cheap mobile phone quality indie games (they were terrible and I love them)

-That brief period where we all were playing 1 vs 100. I planned my whole day around being at home to play that game. Scheduled group gaming needs to make a come back!

-Custom face plates for the original model

-Dance Central: the last time my house was full of "cool people" playing video games and having fun.

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Needing an adaptor for WiFi was weird but cool. The machine was noisy like an airport too! But it was a beast of beauty!!

I still think the 360 controller is the best controller ever made. The console could set on its side without a thingy. Windows media center was super useful for streaming my pc movies to my tv; I used that a lot.

I didn’t plan on getting one, but it paid for it self with how beautiful Oblivion was.

I still own my copy of Lost Odyssey. Underrated Gem.

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Ka-pi96 said:

It's a real shame that Lost Odyssey is stuck on the 360. It was a fantastic game and I'd love to see a port to modern platforms (specifically Steam).

Lost Odyssey is Backwardcompatible en xbox One and xbox series. But we need a proper remake of this gem (with a pc version)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the arcade game and Tales of Vesperia.

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I wouldn't say it was under priced as I had to re-buy it several times plus extended warranty :/ And that power brick, massive!

Great console but I got afraid to actually use the thing, hence more time spend on ps3 during the second half of that generation. My favorites were TDU, Dead Rising, Alan Wake, Braid and Fez.

I still have the HD-DVD add-on for it and a dozen HD-DVD discs. The good ones replaced by Blu-rays, but at the time it was still up in the air which format would win. The rechargeable battery packs all died, (ps3 controllers still charge) but the controllers are much better build (not flimsy) If only they had better analog sticks and d-pad.

Does a Series X controller work on 360? Probably just easier to play the 360 games on Series X and also still afraid to turn the 360 on lol.