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The biggest issue with the overturn of abortion is that it's only going to affect the poor. The company I work for medical plan actually support abortion and it also support travel to get an abortion. So basically, where this will really impact the US is people who already cannot afford to have a baby and cannot get the funds to get an abortion, will have to have that child. When you really look at it, it's probably going to affect children more than adults with jobs, like teens of very poor parents. The results is that we go back before Roe vs Wade where illegal abortions will happen again and its going to be a lucrative business in red states.

So to counter the travel situation, red states are looking to add that anyone can sue a woman or business that perform the abortion but how much weight is that going to carry against an organization that is outside of the state and probably already does not do business there.

The funny part is that red states talk about they will give more support for these mothers to have these children once Roe vs Wade is overturned but nothing was stopping them from doing that at during Roe vs Wade. Meaning they never cared once the child is born, the monetary position it placed on the woman or family or what it takes once that child comes into the world because if they really cared, they would already have these support in place and I really doubt they will actually do anything because it was more for political posturing then actually caring.