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Jerry West got to the NBA finals with three different head coaches which is more impressive than winning four with one the best head coaches of all time who learned a lot from the greatest head coach of all time Phil Jackson. In the NFL Peyton Manning getting to the Super Bowl with four different head coaches and winning two of them is more impressive than Montana and Bradshaw winning four Super Bowls not to mention he ended up with more than enough stats to easily be the second-best quarterback of all time behind Tom Brady. I also consider West a shooting guard that being said he actually played point guard during the final years of his career and is a way better passer than Steph ever was. Steph plays the point but is undersized shooting guard or combo guard and is an average passer at best since he never even came close to leading the league in assists. Jerry West was an above average passer and even an elite passer in three out of his last four season he played since he averaged 9.5 assists in 70-71, 9.7 assists in 71-72, and 8.8 in 72-73. Also, forgot to mention that Jerry West was a way better finisher than Curry also since he got to free throw line over twice as much per game.