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Welp, Persona Fans will be happy I suppose.  Twenty Five minutes of 3rd party stuff; I don't expect anything game-wise here from Nintendo.  Best surprise we can hang on to from Nintendo itself at this event is the Switch Pro rumor I guess.


According to some individuals, Nintendo is still planning a Nintendo Direct next week, specifically June 29th.  Most of us expected something from Nintendo this month (more than just the Xenoblade 3 presentation) and this date would make sense since Nintendo's shareholder meeting takes place on that day.  If indeed real, it is likely that we won't hear official confirmation from Nintendo until next week (probably Monday).

So to tide us over until then, here are a couple of drops from two rumor-mongers that many of us have heard of before - Markomaro and Zippo - one with some not-so-great news and one with, hopefully, a bombshell.  Remember, grain of salt and all of that, but let the speculation commence.

First, the (somewhat) disappointing news.  Yesterday, Markomaro tweeted that the already delayed Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp "has a new internal release date and many people will be angry about when and how it's gonna release".  Honestly, I wouldn't expect this game any sooner than December and now, of course, digital only.  It doesn't surprise me that a game of this size (in both hype and MBs) wouldn't get a physical release but it's still a bit disheartening for people wanting a cartridge of these remakes.  Do I believe this?  Yeah, sounds likely.

Second, the rumor I've championed for a while now... DK!  Blogger Zippo is at it again with that supposed new Donkey Kong title and here is his latest info:

"I've gotten word that Donkey Kong's next adventure from the crew at EPD Tokyo has gone gold. They are currently sitting on the game, though I'm not sure for how long it's been finished.  Nintendo has a big direct next week, will they announce it there? I genuinely don't know, Nintendo can and has sat on many games for quite a while. All we can do now, is hope, and wait".

Do I believe it?  Why yes, yes I do.  Why?  Because I want it to happen, that's why.  But yeah, this could be me, even if there is a Direct next week:

I'm really excited to see what this new DK platformer is like (first time from an in-house Nintendo studio) and it would be a fantastic addition to the list of releases this year.  Here's hoping that Charlie kicks a field goal this time.

Feel free to discuss any pre-Direct wishes and expectations.

Last edited by archbrix - on 27 June 2022