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Chris Hu said:

Steph Curry is pretty much the Aaron Rogers of the NBA they are both very overrated. Except for the fact that Curry gets way too much credit for winning four titles on loaded Warriors teams, while Aaron Rogers doesn't get enough credit for consistently getting the Packers into the NFL playoffs with average to below average defenses. Plus, Aaron Rogers name actually shows up near the top when look up all time quarterback stats.


Let's look at this championship roster.

Steph - Drafted
Klay - Drafted
Draymond - Drafted
Looney - Drafted
Wiggins - Traded from MIN, a trade that EVERYONE was ripping the Warriors for at the time and saying it was a horrible trade for them.
Poole - Drafted
Kuminga - Drafted
Wisemen - Drafted
Payton - G-League
Iguodala - Vet Min
Bjelica - Vet Min
Lee - G-League
Moody - Drafted
Toscano Anderson - G-League
Porter - Vet Min

They drafted over HALF their roster and developed them from the ground up. If it feels like they're loaded, that's because of great coaching and player development.

Almost nobody was giving the Warriors a shot to win the title this year, even you. Weren't you saying that the Suns and Grizzlies had the edge over the Warriors in the playoffs, and WHAT DID I TELL YOU?!? The Warriors had that championship experience that sets them apart and they would win it. And LOOK WHAT HAPPENED. The Suns didn't even make it to the Warriors, they got their asses kicked in Game 7 to a team that the Warriors had little to no trouble against in 5 games. They just won the title in a playoff route where they went 16-6 against four teams they went a combined 4-10 against in the Regular Season. The NBA season is not a sprint, it's a marathon and the Warriors understand that better than any other team in the league. The only All Stars they had going into this season was Steph and Draymond. Klay was still injured and people weren't sure if he would be the same and NOBODY thought Wiggins would be what he is now. No that they won it all, here we go again: Right on que - "They're a superteam!!! They're loaded!!!" 

Seeing as how you brought up Aaron Rodgers (not Rogers), maybe you should stick to football.

Last edited by PAOerfulone - on 18 June 2022