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Chris Hu said:

Here is a great hypothetical scenario to proof just how overrated Steph is as a player. Put him on the Warriors of the late 80s early 90s instead of Mitch Richmond and have him play there his entire career he would have ended up with zero titles. Put Mitch Richmond on the Warriors starting in 09-10 and have him play there his entire career and the Warriors still would have won 4 titles and more than likely more since he averaged over 22 points per game in his first ten years in the league.

Now you're basing your arguments off "If he played in this era?" Yeah, you've got no leg to stand on here. You're just making yourself look bad at this point.

Why don't we just go ahead and say "Put MJ on the 70s to early 80s Bulls and they don't win any titles." Or "Put Bird on the 90s Celtics and they don't even make the ECF playing against MJ's Bulls, Reggie's Pacers, Shaq's Magic, and Ewing's Knicks." Or "Put Tim Duncan on the 80s Spurs instead of George Gervin and he wins 0 championships whereas Gervin wins 5 and maybe more." Or "Put LeBron on the 90s Cavs in place of Mark Price and they don't make it past the ECSF because they would've lost to MJ's Bulls every time." 

It's a very flawed argument that can be spin by ANYONE to fit ANY narrative. Like so...

When was Mitch Richmond ever getting double and triple teamed as soon as he crossed half court because teams were THAT scared to death of him? Also, Steph next to Chris Mullen and Tim Hardaway? OOF, Mullin, Hardaway, and those boys would've FEASTED with more room to work with thanks to Steph's gravity. The first year Richmond left the Warriors, they won 55 games with just Mullin and Hardaway. Now if you put Steph with them, that team is making the Finals and who knows, they might even beat Jordan's Bulls. Because unless you put Jordan or Pippen on him, there is NOBODY on that '92 Bulls team that can guard Steph. And whoever is not being guarded by MJ or Pippen between Mullin and Hardaway, that player is going to feast like KD feasted in '17 and '18 and how Wiggins was feasting in these Finals.

Hypothetically, if Ritchmond was on the Warriors from 09 onwards, they never would've drafted Klay Thompson since Ritchmond was a shooting guard and they wouldn't have needed another, which means they would have likely stuck with Monta Ellis. So that's a big piece gone. They probably don't even win much anyway seeing as how as good of a player Richmond was, all of his teams were losers and never even sniffed the playoffs. The only championship he ever won was when he road the bench on the '02 Lakers. So what the hell makes you think he can magically make these Warriors better? These Warriors that were been built SPECIFICALLY AROUND STEPH from the moment he was drafted?!?

You sound like a pure hater at this point. Just admit you don't like Steph and move on.