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Chris Hu said:

Steph Curry is the best three-point shooter of all time but is way too one dimensional to ever be close to my, top ten players of all time even if he plays another five years. Steph is not even close to be at or near the top ten in any other statistical category besides three-point shooting and even with all the three he made he is still only 47th in the list of points leaders. Jayson Tatum pretty much played like ass the entire series so its kind surprising the Celtics actually won two games in the finals. Well, on to the draft going to be interesting who is going to pick Nikola Jovic the guy has the potential to easily become the steal of the draft.

Kind of a weird take. Steph is not at all one dimensional offensively. He's got sweet handles, he can get to the rim and finish there about as well as anyone, his midrange game is nice, and he's got a deadly floater that seems to work for him just about anywhere inside the 3 point line. The only reasons for him not ranking way higher on the all time scoring list, are basically injuries (especially early in his career), as well as the fact that he's incredibly unselfish and willing to play very team oriented basketball, and sacrifice touches to those around him. Also, while his size and stature certainly limit him defensively, he does at least put forth the effort you wanna see on that side of the ball, and he's got decent hands when it comes taking the ball away.

I'm honestly not enough of a student of the game to do an all time top 10 list that I would feel comfortable about putting forth as something that adequately respect the many generations of older players I never actually got a chance to see. That said, when it comes to the modern NBA, that I came to know and fall in love with back in the very early 2000s, I would put Steph right there among the very best of the best I've seen in that time. He's up there with Shaq, and Kobe in terms of how much he puts any opposing defense on their heels right from the jump. Even when Kevin Durant, total freak of nature in his own right, was on the team with Steph, opposing defenses would literally sell out to try and do anything within their power to prevent Steph from seeing an inch of breathing space beyond half court. That's an undeniably all time generational impact player.

Again, is he top 10 all time...I don't think that's for me personally to judge, but he's legendary all the same.