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Chris Hu said:

Steph Curry is the best three-point shooter of all time but is way too one dimensional to ever be close to my, top ten players of all time even if he plays another five years. Steph is not even close to be at or near the top ten in any other statistical category besides three-point shooting and even with all the three he made he is still only 47th in the list of points leaders. Jayson Tatum pretty much played like ass the entire series so its kind surprising the Celtics actually won two games in the finals. Well, on to the draft going to be interesting who is going to pick Nikola Jovic the guy has the potential to easily become the steal of the draft.

Well, well, well... He disappears at the end of the First Round after pretty much all of his predictions fell apart, and comes back just in time to dog on Steph.

There has never been a dude who has changed or impacted the game the way Steph has. What he has done for the game of basketball goes FAR beyond any stat sheet or statistical category. 

Back in the 90s and 00s, the kids wanted to "Be Like Mike." Now? The kids want to "Be Like Steph." And now, he just silenced the only argument people could make against him: "He NeVeR wOn FiNaLs MvP!!!"

Dude is a 4x Champ, 2x League MVP (First and only Unanimous MVP), Finals MVP, 2x Scoring Champ, 1x STEALS Champ (For those who say he can't play defense.) and is far and away the greatest shooter in history.