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snyps said:
JWeinCom said:

You said you equated them, then said that a speed runner is not the same as a director and cannot be judged by the same standards. In other words, that they are not equal. They are not even relatively close, as there is nothing similar about the activities beyond that they both require skill. 

That's why it does not make sense. Even if you had the sincerest admiration for MK speedrunners, I am positive you would never answer the question "Who is your favorite artist" by saying "l2eeve the guy with the Mortal Kombat speedrun world record", because you understand, hopefully, that is not (virtually) what anyone else means by the term. You can use words idiosyncratically if you want, but it doesn't accomplish any purpose aside from frustrating communication. For the purposes of this conversation, I'm only interested in the definition that would apply to Steven Speilberg. I have no doubt that video games require skill. 

They are equal in that they all fit into the definition and etymology of the word art. 

Yes, you are correct, it must require skill; also imagination and elicit admiration. 
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Etymology is not usage. Words change meaning over time, and I'm not particularly concerned with what art meant hundreds of years ago. At any rate, I get a 404 error from that. So, I just looked up the word artist on the site. Even that doesn't agree with you.

Artist: "one who cultivates one of the fine arts," from French artiste (14c.), from Italian artista, from Medieval Latin artista, from Latin ars (see art (n.))." Even by the loosest sense of the word, a speedrunner is not cultivating one of the fine arts. So they wouldn't count. A kindergartener probably wouldn't either unless they are extraordinary. Bruce Lee and Michael Jordan also don't qualify. So, you've kind of proved yourself wrong again. I've explained the other ways, but you're just ignoring the actual points and repeating yourself. Maybe that's an art too. *shrug*

Simple way to solve this. Assume for the sake of this question that you are super into speedrunning videos. If someone you don't know that well asked you who your favorite artist was would you consider speedrunners in selecting your answer? 

Last edited by JWeinCom - on 15 June 2022