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Runa216 said:

Hm. Maybe I'm the outlier here but I thought it was a pretty bad conference. No wow factor, nothing that stood out aside from starfield gameplay (which I only got a glimpse of but seems to not be exciting). Not a lot of new stuff. Not a lot of gameplay (though more than other conferences of theirs.) and still no exclusives. Plenty of 'CONSOLE LAUNCH EXCLUSIVE' declarations, something I'm increasingly getting pissed off about. I want to take 0.2 points off the conference every time they say that because it's so disingenuous in its attempt to mask the fact that they somehow STILL DON'T HAVE ANY GAMES.

I was in the middle of hosting my parents while making home made lasagna so I missed most of the Starfield stuff, and I didn't get to participate in the immediate aftermath (we went out to see Jurassic World Dominion), so I had some time to really marinate my thoughts. I was unimpressed at first but then now that I have time to reflect a bit I think it was outright bad.

I keep saying they need to release some damn games. They need some actual exclusives. right now literally all Xbox has is GamePass (A service that I see the value in for others but would never pay for given my personal buying and playing habits) and hardware so marginally better than PS5 you need machines to tell the difference in framerate and resolution. I genuinely went into this event HOPING to see something like Banjo or Everwild or a surprise Elder Scrolls VI tease...or literally any updates on any of the 20+ great sounding games we heard about in the last few years that we needed elaboration on. the lack of anything interesting or new or detailed tells me that....yup, we're gonna be facing yet another drought of games that somehow take forever to release and end up only being 'good' or 'decent'. Nothing about that conference made me think 'yeah, this is a step in the right direction'.

Just more CONSOLE LAUNCH EXCLUSIVES (which means nothing but sounds special), and another year without a megaton announcement or significant reveal. Again, I Can't comment on Starfield, I will be watching that soon. I just spent an hour and a half thinking 'okay, that looks fine I guess, what have you got for me next?' on repeat. What a whimper of a show. I still want an Xbox but it looks like that purchase is going to be deferred another year or so.

Give me Fable. Give me Avowed. give me Everwild. Give me Hellblade. Give me Elder Scrolls VI. Give me anything that can even begin to stand on the same levels as Uncharted or Ratchet & Clank and God of War and Horizon and spider-Man. Give me SOMETHING, Xbox....

A console launch exclusive is exclusive to Xbox. Your thinking makes zero sense. I don't care if a game I play on PC is played elsewhere anyways. Your rant is full of lies. Xbox has tons of games (more games released on Xbox last year than PS5, and Microsoft had the highest average Metacritic score of every publisher). Play games, not exclusives, ignore whether or not it is exclusive or not. 

Sony has two games that matter, Ratchet and Clank and Horizon 2. That's fine. Xbox has tons of their own. Halo Infinite for me was way more fun than either of those two. You hate Xbox and you have a thing for PS, we get it.

I'm out of this thread. Microsoft had Persona and Starfield for me. Overwatch and Diablo for me. I'm more than happy.

I want Nintendo news next! Where is our Breath of the Wild 2 showcase!!!