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Here in Japan, Cases are going back down again. Positivity % is going down too, so it is not due to testing going down.

Covid was all but eradicated last December 2021 with only 1 person having severe symptoms at one point in Tokyo, but it came back with a vengeance. Due to Vaccines, it never reached the previous peak of 297 persons with severe symptoms in August 2021. It only reached 87 persons with severe symptoms in February 2022. Now it is May 2022, and it is back down to 3 persons with severe symptoms.

So Japan has decided to soften the severe quarantine requirements. Now with most western countries, people who travel from Japan to these countries and back no longer have to quarantine or take a Coronavirus test after landing, starting June 1, 2022.

It will be nice to visit my family again without so much hassle when I get back, and can easily travel back to my home. Unfortunately both countries still require pre travel Covid tests, even if vaccinated. I wonder if such a thing would be abolished or eased for vaccinated individuals in the future.