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Ryuu96 said:

Anyone else feel like this runup to an Xbox event feels odd, I'm not sure where to place my hype, Lol. It has been one of the quietest leadups to an Xbox event ever and there's still thankfully zero leaks but it's so quiet from Xbox themselves too, still don't even know the runtime. I'm looking forward to it and I refuse to temper my expectations but I'm not really feeling "hyped" but that may just be cause of everything else happening in the world. But it's so quiet, it's weird to have an Xbox event which isn't being overhyped by 'insiders' or all of it leaking weeks before.

It's in a weird spot. Everyone's kinda deflated by the Starfield delay, but at the same time, logically, we know that Xbox SHOULD be on the verge of entering a time period, starting next year, where we get a consistent stream of first party games.

So, with projects lined up around the block, and 2023 right around  the corner, it would be reasonable to assume there's lots for MS to potentially show us. Buuuut Xbox fans are also rather accustomed to being consistently overpromised, and underdelivered to, so...yea...weird spot. Let's see what happens.