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sc94597 said:
Chrkeller said:

Is it ironic that I'm legitimately color blind?

No it's not ironic at all. It is par for the course and entirely expected.

"Instead, it encourages those who endorse this perspective to ignore the ongoing processes that maintain racial stratification in schools, neighborhoods, health care, and other social institutions. Can color consciousness draw attention to these issues? The research demonstrates that it can lead to more understanding of our racially stratified society and can give rise to a willingness to work for change. So from that perspective, it doesn’t seem worth abandoning just yet."

I meant color blind in the sex linked lack of cones.  Genetically passed on by my maternal grandfather.  As in I see all 4 colors of the rainbow.  I wasn't talking socially. 

But I get it.  I think we should do something to prevent kids from being killed, therefore I'm racist because reasons.  Or something.  Heck I don't know.