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Kakadu18 said:

Glad my parents decided against moving to the US in the 90s. Gun laws in the US are simply ridiculous.

With all due respect I greatly disagree with that statement.  It implies we have gun laws....  which, for all intents and purposes, we don't.

Non Americans think I am joking, but trout fishing in the mountains requires giving up more personal information than buying a gun.  Getting on an airplane is harder than getting a gun.  Buying a house is harder than getting a gun.  Buying a car is harder than buying a gun.  I could keep the list running, but I think people get the point.  I could drive up the street, hit the local store, and leave with a shotgun and I don't think it would take me more than 15 minutes.    

Of course I could make the process even easier and buy a gun second hand.  

Last edited by Chrkeller - on 25 May 2022


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