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ConservagameR said:
TallSilhouette said:

Who are these 'fact checkers' who should have a verdict on this by now but don't? Can you give me an example? Business Insider seems to be confident enough in its veracity to publish the story and stake their name on it. You would think it would be more suspicious that Elon and SpaceX are dragging their feet about commenting on the settlement than it would be that outsiders haven't yet come to a verdict on documents that have not been entrusted to them...

So mysterious...

Well shouldn't Twitter be fact checking this? Looks like WAPO only stopped fact checking Presidents once Biden took office. I thought they stopped entirely. I also thought I had read Facebook had stopped as well, but looks like that was just a joke based on Facebook claiming in the Stossel case that their fact checks against him were protected opinion under the first amendment, since Stossel had proved them wrong.

Guess I didn't get the whole scoop on those in the past, not that the reality of it is much better.

Hasn't Musk said the claim against him is bogus? Hasn't he seemingly been hinting at considerable negativity coming his way for quite some time? I haven't seen anywhere that proves a settlement ever occurred, just accusations. I would think it's more likely the other way around. If Elon and SpaceX aren't saying anything, based on their track record, it would seem they're disregarding it for good reason, but that doesn't mean they're not actually trying to hide from it. Now the fact that all the fact checkers aren't all over this, and the media isn't exactly pointing out the fact checks, tells me at the very least, they aren't very sure or confident of the accusation. That doesn't mean they aren't just taking a different approach than they typically do, but it would certainly be odd for them to change their ways so drastically all of the sudden.

It's not impossible for it to have happened, but for it to pop up right now of all times, would be quite the coincidence.

If nothing has been proven, or close to it yet, then I wouldn't exactly call that a done deal. Not sure about a three dot mystery, but one nonetheless.

Biden still gets fact checked. He made the list of biggest lies of 2021: