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RolStoppable said:
ConservagameR said:

I don't remember talking about fact checking prior, so maybe you're hearing or seeing it from elsewhere and misassociating it?

I don't see what's wrong with checking if things are factual and it seems like you agree from what I can tell.

It was mentioned here:

The same guy mentioned it again in a later post, all in this thread.

If you see nothing wrong with fact-checking, then why did you make fun of it in your previous post? You clearly refered to it in a sarcastic context.

EnricoP mentioning fact checking to Dulfite, who was quoting what I said, which didn't include fact checking?

I was pointing it out in the more recent post, because I hadn't seen or heard of any fact checks being made yet, as quickly as fact checks tend to come out. Which makes you wonder if there's any truth to it or not, or why some other fact checkers are no longer fact checking, or whether it perhaps has something to do with Elon's purchase considering he'll be the owner? 

It's a hot pot of mystery and irony soup.