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Dulfite said:
ConservagameR said:

It's too bad that it's too long after the perfect timing for this. It wasn't that long ago really, last weeks flavor.

When complaints were piling up, the go to excuse was, they're all private businesses and can do whatever they want.

Which of course was a shot at conservatives and capitalism, but it had foundation and legitimacy for those who didn't like it.

Now we have a private multi billionaire who's using that same type of excuse to get their way, and all of the sudden it's a concern now.

I personally hope Musk doesn't go crazy and turn Twitter into a right wing echo chamber, but I do hope he tries to balance it better.

Seeing how Elon rolls, I wouldn't put it past him to start by changing Twitter's blue logo to red. Then later, just poll about Trumps account.

While I'd have to assume he actually has big plans, he's crazy enough this could just be to allow him to become The King troll, discipline free.

Musk isn't a right winger. He is a moderate, a 90's Democrat, basically, just with a bit more patriotism (about the West in general, not just America) dashed on top. For him to turn Twitter into a right wing echo chamber would mean he'd start banning left wingers, which he has given no intention to do. Again, he's a moderate, not a right winger.

All conservatives expect him to do is put in place policies that protect their freedom of speech on issues such as abortion, crt, religious freedom, lower taxes for all not just the poorest, working to be successful rather than expecting government handouts which are paid for by the overtaxed middle class, right to arm and protect ourselves from would be aggressors, and many other conservative views. It seems like every couple years a legitimate conservative viewpoint shared by tens of millions of Americans, sometimes even 100+ million, is suddenly ostracized as a Nazi view that should be banned from everywhere by an extremely vocal minority of online forum warriors and extremely influencial big Tech companies controlled by the far left.

Agree he is definitely not a conservative person in the "old" sense of what conservative is. He is more of a 90's 00's democrat yes, but you need to remember the left has gone way to the left in the last one or two decades to the point that liberal people like Tim Pool and Joe Rogan are almost alt-right Nazis. Anyway I really like him. His story with Tesla and Space X are really amazing.

My expectation for twitter with him on board is that at least it allows certain things to be discussed, for people to be able to show their opinions when it is not the far left mainstream opinion. Also to end this thing of burying some news and facts under a rock, not allowing them to be discussed under the excuse of "fake news", "debunked" by "independent" fact checkers. There will be elections in a few months in US, let's see if something will change.

Also, consistency when deciding who gets banned.