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Thanks! It was indeed very scary. I sort of crashed today, had a 5 hour nap during the afternoon. Our youngest went to the grandparents, oldest old enough to take car of himself during the day and my wife could move about a bit. I was exhausted, lights out.

I feel for the people working in health care. They have been overworked, dealing with this stuff for over 2 years straight now. The signs "thank you essential workers" are long gone, but the pandemic keeps going. We desperately need more doctors and staff, more hospital beds, more ambulances, more of everything. Years and years of budget cuts, going for the most efficient way, trimming the last bits of fat, created a system that's incapable of dealing with an increased load of patients.

Meanwhile our hospital looks like it's stuck in the seventies. Resources are scarce. Last time my wife was admitted she carried her pillow everywhere with her when having to go different places for tests. People made fun of her, but she wasn't going to let it out of her sight as you only get one flat uncomfortable pillow with the hard beds. At least she got a room, some people get stuck on a stretcher in the hallway.

Schools are no better. The preventative measures and promised better air quality turned out to be nothing more than a fan and an open window. Our youngest had to wear his coat in class because he's sitting next to the window. Last week they had the stomach flu going around, and Friday we got an email that they had a confirmed case of chicken pox at school. It was better in the old days, when you just didn't know lol.