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Shadow1980 said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

People are so dramatic

They can buy as much shares as they want, Nintendo is public traded. If you don't like how open market works, don't support free traded companies, that's all

Well, I'm a socialist, so I believe that Nintendo's employees should be the ones who own the company, collectively and equitably (note that I'm a "co-ops instead of corporations" socialist, not a "state-owned central planning" socialist).

That being said, there ought to be some sort of provision to keep authoritarian governments with a record of serious human rights abuses from buying stock in companies. There are certain other circumstances where someone can be banned from buying stocks, so why not add "conducting public summary executions for adultery or homosexuality" and "committing war crimes" to the list?

Bold 1: Great

Bold 2: This is an elegant solution, however for this to work we would need a collective rule that apply to like every stock exchange, if you block Saudis to buy in one market they will just go to invest in another. And even if you block the Saudi state itself, we still have no power to block their richest elite (the ones profiting from the country oil) to buy stocks elsewhere and keep investing in their own state regardless of any state block, because Arabia is a absolutist monarchy and is privated owned by a bunch of oligarchs, they have no intention to see the government that allow their oil exploration come to and end