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yo33331 said:
zorg1000 said:

This is really splitting hairs, nobody cares if a consoles lifetime sales are off by 0.08%

let's not touch the sales of every dying console and let's not do adjustments then .. since the accuracy is not so important ..

and because nobody cares, that's why PS4 have been adjusted a few times even this year, xb1 too (there the difference is even smaller than 0.08%) and many other dying consoles in their last years too. In fact why even the site is tracking the last year of vita or 3ds in japan ? since it's almost nothing as numbers.. let's just remove the database for every console year that is below let's say 50k for the year ? why not if nobody cares.

it's splitting your hairs really

Trust me I know.  It took years for this site to adjust PS1 lifetime sales down to 102.5m when it was overtracked by almost 2 million units at 104.25m.  When I mentioned in 2015 that the total was off and should be adjusted, Sony fans came streaming into the thread claiming there was no point in changing the inaccurate total since it didn't really have an effect on the rankings of the platforms global total page.  In 2018, the wrong total was still showing when Sony announced 525 million PlayStation's sold, which really didn't line up with the totals showing for PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP and Vita (VGChartz had the combined total at close to 527m at that point).  It was finally corrected sometime after that. 

But I do agree, there is nothing wrong with being accurate for the sake of being accurate.  Especially on a sales tracking website that other sites use as their source of information.