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curl-6 said:

Here's another classic; a Neogaf thread from January 2017 asking people their opinion on whether Switch would be a success.

Comment #8 is the best and exactly what happened. Comment #16 is the dumbest of them all. "No killer app or proof of concept." What was even going on in this posters head?

I remember the first time I heard of the Switch, I just immediately went nuts over it. The hybrid concept alone made me wanna have one.

And there on GAF the people were convinced that it didn't have anything to succeed.

Concidering these people, based on their comments thought the Wii would be a flop and the Wii U a hit they're obviously unable to look further back than one generation to reach their conclusions. Simply stupid.

These people thought the Switch had a terrible lineup. 2017 is still concidered to be one of the greatest years in gaming thanks to that stellar lineup but these people thought it was terrible. Sure, some of them thought this was for the first two years or whatever because everything would get delayed or something. But that was still a great lineup. The hype was huge after that presentation, but Neogaf just like Resetera is the opposite of what the internet actually thinks.

Last edited by Kakadu18 - on 16 May 2022