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Mandalore76 said:
holzi said:

Funny that in addition to VGChartz every single person on this Quora Question (, the Oxford English Dictionary(SHIPPED | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary) as well as Amazon use the term in the wrong way. Also interesting that Nintendo which certainly is in the same industry as Playstation also uses shipped and sell-through as two different metrics that can differ by millions (Nintendo: Switch Sell-Through Sales 'Has Surpassed 30 Million Units as of the End of January' (, 190201_2e.pdf (

But you certainly are much more intelligent than all those people combined.

What are you on about?  Please feel free to quote me where I said they don't.  We're talking about how VGChartz <---- tracks console sales, in that it leaves a gap to account for consoles not just on shelves but in transit.  The very specific post, that I very specifically quoted, insinuated that this is some sort of new practice that VGChartz is using to make it seem like less PS5's have been sold.  Read an entire quote and comprehend the context next time before you throw on your tin foil hat and join the VGChartz is anti-Sony brigade.

Pionner said:

"No offense....but this sounds like a new excuse. I don’t know whether to defend vgchartz always being inaccurate, or people doubting PS5 sales. 

Once again, you cannot use that method with PS5. Whatever Sony ships they sell. There’s no PS5 stock anywhere. It’s been 2 weeks since March 31st where this sites data reports. Even if I believed that assertion, all those “unites in transit” would have been sold already. 

More importantly, when Sony reports shipped, it’s shipped to retailers meaning they already bought them and is in their warehouses. Not that consoles are still in transit. So that fact automatically makes that “unit in transit argument” factually wrong."

Sorry, seems like I replied to the wrong comment. My argument was against the notion that shipped would in any case equal sold to end customers and I think that the evidence that this cannot be true is convincing. So if I understand correctly we are on the same page. Just wanted to provide some facts to end this endless arguing and replied to the wrong people.