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Jumpin said:

The US Senate votes against abortion rights.

In the last year we’ve learned that Republicans are fiery advocates for bodily autonomy, except if you’re a woman.
If you’re a woman, the government controls your body.
A brilliant case of hypocrisy.

Well for Republicans, its 2 lives at stake in this situation not one.  If you believe that a fetus is life and has a soul then the termination of that fetus is considered murder.  Not stating this is right or wrong but the situation is nuanced. The key here is does the fetus have any rights to life which is the main point.  Having sex is a decision and not using any contraceptives by either man or woman is also a decisions.  In a lot of cases the woman is in control of how the sexual situation goes down and if she decides nothing happens without contraceptives then it doesn't. Sex and the consequences of it does have a certain amount of responsibility.  Currently Abortion is an  easy solution to a complex problem but its not all hypocrisy.  So in this situation its the rights of woman to command total body autonomy and whether a fetus once conceived has a right to life.  I doubt most will see eye to eye on this one, especially in the US and especially since its a political bulwark between Dems and GOP.  

Throughout history ,I believe Christians have found that trying to force people to believe as they do has always gone wrong, I believe this is also a path that will have the same results.  Its like the GOP find themselves back in the old catch 22 where they condemn low income families for having a lot of children, get on some assistance program and condemn them for having babies all the while they want those very same people to be forced to have a child when most do not have the financial means to care for it.  This opens up the whole adoption trade which one article brought up when viewing Alito summary but even then, every baby is not wanted at the same level and race does play a big role here.

Interesting enough, in most portrayal of the devil, a lot of times the devil give you exactly what you ask for knowing that there is a another side to getting what you want and consequences.  I do wonder if this is the case.  GOP has pushed for this for a long time and they are very close to getting what they want but in the process might also set them back decades.  We will see once this judgement happens.