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superchunk said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Cosmete can't be adapted into live actions. Guys, dropped it already

Stormlight Archive is specifically impossible. It's an alien planet, with a typically strange fauna and flora. Except by Shinovar it barely resembles earth, means almost every time they are outdoors they will need to be at a green screen (and sometimes even in doors, interacting with animals and spren)

If green screen is such an standard, a why bother ? Just make an animation

Avatar says hello.

I think they can do alien worlds that look great very easily. This could be movie/show/game and there are other examples. Though it would need big budget investment to be done well and really go deep into the characters, magic, worlds, etc.

Well, with we are talking about expending infinite money then I'm sure anything is possible, I mean, just look at Guardians of Galaxy, it portrays many planets with particular environment and is mostly done using a very nice CGI and sometimes practical effects 

Avatar had a 250 million production budget for a loving with around 160 minutes. And sources actually says the real budget for Avatar was closer to 1 billion because of R&D expending to develop the technology necessary to make the movie possible, and of course other expenses such as marketing, distribution, legals, etc

The only Stream show with such a huge investment is the upcoming Lord of the Rings series.