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HoloDust said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Cosmete can't be adapted into live actions. Guys, dropped it already

Stormlight Archive is specifically impossible. It's an alien planet, with a typically strange fauna and flora. Except by Shinovar it barely resembles earth, means almost every time they are outdoors they will need to be at a green screen (and sometimes even in doors, interacting with animals and spren)

If green screen is such an standard, why bother ? Just make an animation

From what I hear from my colleagues from VFX, doing things with Unreal is becoming quite a thing.

Animation would be great, but selling that to mainstream audience is a lot harder than live action show with CGI.

Good animation show is likely to be much more successful and less expensive to break even. A crap TV show is likely to generate nothing but bad press and pass mostly unnoticed 

There is market for animation, even if it's smaller than live actions. Arcane made far more buzz than The Wheel of time. 

It's not like Cosmere had such a high marketability potential anyways. A live action seems like just a huge waste of money