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I got a call from my local store that they had one in stock, so I jumped on it right away. With GT7 going nowhere fast I had put my interest down for Forza 8, but it didn't take that long for them to get hold of a Series X. It's the 20th anniversary Halo edition as well, looks very nice!

First impressions, it's a lot smaller than I feared it would be. It doesn't quite fit in my AV cabinet but looks good enough standing up next to the tv. The Halo design suits it well. The Halo controller looks just as good and feels even better. I also got a standard controller for when co-op drops and the Halo controller oozes 'quality' compared to the standard one.

After the mandatory system update it's now downloading Halo Infinite (already played it on Gamepass PC, but not seen it yet in HDR) and installing Forza 7. I already played FH5 and Psychonauts 2. Any other must haves before Starfield arrives?

The UI is kinda messy, and it took me a while to figure out how to get Forza 7 going. I couldn't find an option for disc games anywhere, but it turned out the disc was in upside down. (No clue which way the label goes with the thing standing up). It would have been nice if the system had spit it back out or at least put in a warning somewhere about an unreadable disc lol.

98 GB for Forza 7, 9% done. Guess I won't be playing tonight doh. I need to charge my rechargeable batteries anyway. The second controller came with a cable, no batteries. Anyway nice to have all consoles again this gen (minus SteamDeck)