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eva01beserk said:

You guys are confused as to say that how a individual bought items counts as a corporation byuing in bulk is. Having worked on it myself for a time I can garanty any of you that theres no way Sony counta as sold any unit that's in a cargo ship to a retailer. A ratailer can buy a cargo ship full of a product and pay in advance but the seller does not count it as sold yet. For the main reason of quality control and schedule. Only at the receiving of the product does a company counts it as sold.

The best a company counts as sold is when it gets to a retailers where house. Thats the biggest time frame that the shipped to retailers is not yet sold to consumers. But once it hits a retailers where house its at most days away from actual stores.

That's why they don't report "sold" but "shipped".

Btw it's called warehouse.