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Updated for the March report. Also found and fixed an issue where I had accidentally skipped a quarter for Splatoon 2 way back. Whoops.

Arceus is making it's debut among the heavyweights. Despite slightly higher launch sales, it's tracking a bit behind the Gemstone games at the two month mark, but it did of course have the disadvantage of not launching right before the holidays. It should still have a good shot at outselling them in the long run, though of course the announcement of new Pokémon games this holiday has made it a little harder than it otherwise might have been.

Super Mario Maker unfortunately seems to not have reached 1 mil shipped in this last fiscal year and it's graph is therefore a whole year behind now, and might not see any more updates at all. It's also possible that this quarter is the last update we'll get on Splatoon 2 since it just barely reached 1 mil for the fiscal year and Splatoon 3 is right around the corner.

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