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javi741 said:

Tbh no surprises here. Switch selling around 4 Million completely met expectations and the software sales are high as usual. Nice to see Dread officially become the greatest selling Metroid of all time, but it likely won't go any further than 3 Million as it only sold 0.16M this quarter, but still good growth for the series.

What's impressive is that Nintendo is expecting a 21 Million year for a console in its 6th fiscal year. No console in history has ever sold that much in its 6th fiscal year as the two highest were the DS and PS4 each selling 18 Million during their 6th fiscal year, a 21 Million fiscal year would comfortably beat that record.

Yeah I am surprised by Nintendo's high expectations for the NSW going into its 6th fiscal year. However we have to keep in mind Nintendo's 1st fiscal year was about 1 month long compared to most consoles having 5 months.

This next fiscal year will be quite interesting, because I am curious about which markets will do the heavy lifting.