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Sony expects to ship around 18M PS5's for FY23. That's a lot more than I expected.
-> IIRC, its above what Sony shipped for the PS4 in a similar timeframe (18M versus 17.5M).

Sony expects an increase of about 7B in revenue for FY23 but their operating income will decrease about 300M
-> This is the most interesting tidbit of information we got. Sony expects hardware, peripherals, and third party content to drive this increase in revenue (presumably their subscription service will contribute as well), but its still an optimistic figure.

The Bungie deal is expected to close by September
-> Sony is allocating 30B for their midrange plan, 18B for strategic investments, 12B for capital expenditure
-> Its seemingly an upward adjustment from the original allotment of 18.3B but perhaps that figure didn't include capital expenditure?

Last edited by PotentHerbs - on 10 May 2022