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The Wii U sold 30k software and the 3DS 560k. The Switch sold 55.77mil software.

39 million sellers. 26 from Nintendo, 13 from third parties in the fiscal year.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sold 9.94mil copies in the fiscal year.

NSMBUDX is very short of outselling NSMB2 that has now reached 13.4mil.

Pokémon BD/SP is now the best selling Pokémon remake and Pokémon Let's Go is the second best selling remake, both ahead of OR/AS at 14.5mil.

Clubhouse Games getting an update came out of nowhere for me. Incredible legs.

To bad Super Mario Maker 2 didn't get an update.

Last edited by Kakadu18 - on 10 May 2022