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twintail said:
Doctor_MG said:

I absolutely hate that gamers continue to discuss these acquisitions as if they are going to be beneficial for us in the end. The more publishers get purchased by others the worse it will be for gamers and workers alike. The gaming industry is slowly changing for the worst. Maybe it isn't bad today, but it's headed in a bad direction.

Not everyone wants to keep doom gloom posting about these things all the time, because there are actual benefits to acquisitions to all involved parties.

Is this all for the worst? Yeah, maybe. But that's not a guarantee.

Most people aren't "doom gloom" posting. Most people I see here and on other threads are acting like this is a beneficial thing for gamers. Also, the benefits are unlikely to outweigh the very real detriments. In the last four years Sony and Microsoft have made almost as many studio purchases as they have in the twenty five years leading up to these purchases. Then there is Tencent who has purchased something like 40 studios in the last four years. Embracer Group who has purchased over 70 video game studios. Then we have the consolidation of publishers with MS, GungHo, EA, and Tencent all purchasing multiple publishers. Now people want Sony to buy up even more developers and publishers. Some may claim it's a "fight fire with fire" type thought, but that isn't going to be beneficial for us as consumers. We also see time and time again how mass consolidations and oligopolies reduce worker compensation and lead to worse working conditions (which video game publishers are already bad at). 

So...yeah I'm sticking with the doom gloom for right now. I can see the direction it's heading and I don't like it. I'm not just going to sit back and not voice my opinion on it. MAYBE it wont happen, but I find it doubtful. This is not the only market that this has happened to, unfortunately.