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padib said:
Zkuq said:

It's not that easy though. Twitter can't host itself; someone else has to do it. IIRC hosting providers have shown their willingness to stop hosting services they find problematic, and finding a new hosting provider for a service the size of Twitter might not be simple. This should provide Musk some freedom if he so desires, but by no means does this guarantee absolute freedom (even within legal limits, whatever that means for an internationally provided service).

As far as I know, Twitter is on AWS, and Bezos is Musk's direct competitor outside of twitter. I wouldn't be surprised if Musk leveraged his own platforms to bypass the censorship or obstruction. Nowadays people are aware of the monopoly on cloud services and are gearing up against it.

AFAIK Musk doesn't (currently) own anything that could counter AWS stopping hosting Twitter. Starlink comes closest, and it's really a different thing. Regardless of the trend, I'm not sure it's easy to counter stopping hosting Twitter just yet.