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gtotheunit91 said:

Definitely biggest midlife crisis purchase in world history

Social media, and the internet in general, has been among the best/worst inventions in the history of mankind.

I'm constantly amazed how as a civilization we've never been so connected, but as a society we've never been so disconnected. There have always been problems, and always will be, but social media over the years has amplified sooooooo many different issues. Social media started out pretty innocently enough and was meant to be fun with your "just ate a sandwich" type posts to nowadays being political and social issue hellscapes where everyone and anyone has the ability to express their own opinion regardless of how extreme it might be. And that's just one example.

Social media has been a Pandora's box since the beginning and we're really seeing the damaging effects it has caused on humanity as a whole. I'm personally down to Instagram, YouTube, this site, and.....Steam I guess if you consider that social media? And that list will probably get smaller as time goes on. So good riddance to Twitter as there's really no saving it at this point or way to make it better that will make a majority of the userbase happy regardless of who owns it.

You are as dramatic as people who use Twitter