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Loaded up my PS1 emulator and first games I saw were a couple of my favorite games as a kid. Nowhere near the levels of the Metal Gear Solid's or Final Fantasy VII's of the PS1 era, but as a kid, I loved these games. It was Croc: Legend of the Gobbos and The Emperor's New Groove. No idea why I loved them so much as a kid lol but they were made by the same studio, Argonaut Software, or Argonaut Games as they rebranded by 2000. I wondered what happened to them and apparently they went defunct by 2004 :(

Made me wonder, what are some other video game studios we loved that just don't exist anymore?

I decided to make a top 5. My first choice is Argonaut Software, but I also loved

Ensemble Studios (I would've chosen Westwood Studios but I prefer AoE over C&C)
Acclaim Entertainment (specifically Acclaim Studios Austin where I remember them as Iguana Entertainment)
Neversoft (pre-Guitar Hero days)
And of course, Midway

What are yours? 

Feel free to name as many studios as you'd like.