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Chrkeller said:

Xbox is doing really well. Good for MS. I am curious about sales with Starfield and other big titles.

Holiday 2022 and throughout 2023 will be the biggest indication as to how Xbox will do throughout the generation. 

Bethesda Game Studio's games are system sellers for sure and with Starfield being a new IP that many are expecting to be "Skyrim in space" is no doubt going to sell a ton of consoles, game sales in general, and Game Pass subscriptions. 

Then you factor in other first party games that'll be releasing throughout that timeframe like Redfall, Forza Motorsport, Hellblade 2, Contraband, Avowed, Fable, and Perfect Dark on top of Activision Blizzard games being added into Game Pass when the deal finalizes at some point in 2023, maybe sooner, and that'll give a clear picture as to how bright Xbox's future will be. 

I wouldn't be surprised if Holiday 2022 may be Xbox's best year ever.