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Hmm not totally sure.  I may revisit this thread if I think of more examples.

Platformers. Mario 64,Mario World Genesis Sonic games and Sonic Adventure on Dreamcast.

Twin Sticker shooters. Nex Machina and Ruiner

Third person Shooter. VanQuish.

Stylish action games. Bayonetta 2,Metal Gear Rising and DMC5.

Racing. Mario kart 64, Daytona USA

Run n Gun. Assault Suit Leynos,Contra III,Gunstar Heroes

Sports. NFL Blitz 2000. Neo Turf Masters. Baseball Stars 2.

FPS. Bulletstorm.

Point n Click. Grim Fandango and Snatcher.

RPGs. Ys 1,Grandia II. even tho I played countless other RPGs multiple times.

Beat em Ups. TMNT Turtles in Time, Sengoku 3,SOR2,X-Men,The Ninja Warriors,Dungeons & Dragons Tower of Doom,Golden Axe, Dragon's Crown

Side Scrolling Action games. Strider 2.

Mech games. Zone of the Enders 2,Daemon X Machina and Bulk Slash

Fighting Games. Street Figher II (only because I inadvertently have it on multiple systems from collections) and Virtua Fighter 2

Rail Shooter. House of the Dead 2. Area 51 Arcade. Virtua Cop

Shmup. Ikaruga,Raiden IV,MUSHA,Gairares,Hyper Duel and a few more I have replayed countless times.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!