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pokoko said:

In a large measure, yes.

Fallout New Vegas has always been one of my favorite games. Then came Fallout 4, which I loved to death, but there was always this voice in my head going, "yeah, but New Vegas is better." It was like a part of me was resentful that something might usurp the position of a childhood favorite. So, when I was done with F4 the first time around, I went back to play NV for more of that Fallout fix I needed so badly.

The nostalgia goggles came off very quickly.

I ran through NV in no time, all the countless improvements in Fallout 4 suddenly becoming clear and all the flaws in NV standing out like never before. By the end, when I'm sitting there watching a damned slide-show finish, I realize that I will likely never play New Vegas again (at least, this version). And, also, that I had a bad itch to do some base building in another run of Fallout 4.

I came to the conclusion that it's fine to look back and say "I loved this game" but not to view the past in terms of absolutes--or to depend on my memory in order to make direct comparisons.

Offtopic but speaking about your example: Curiously enough, a similar situation happened to me but with F3 and NV. Before I got a 7th gen console (or a capable PC) and being a big classic Fallout fan I could only dream of playing F3. When I finally got it I enjoyed it a lot (with some exceptions) yet when I got NV it was like a revelation. Same engine and basically the same gameplay yet the changes in NV made F3 basically "obsolete" for me. I haven't played it since (though maybe I should) just cause I'd rather play NV again.

All that being said, I have yet to play F4 due to the criticisms I've heard on the gameplay and the story. As someone who LOVED NV, do you think it's possible I could like F4? Specifically the story and if the story isn't good, can it still be enjoyed regardless?