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Cobretti2 said:

To end my post, this is what stubbornness is. When I was a young lad and the first time I installed itunes on my PC and it killed it for some reason with a blue screen of death that required me to reinstall windows, is the day I decided to never buy an apple product or install any of their software. Now I am sure it was just a bad coincidence of why it happened, but because it happened I am now too stubborn to even entertain the idea of giving an apple product a try ever again in my life lol.

When I got fired from Nintendo’s call center I straight up began hating every new Nintendo game (switch). So I get that. I was a die hard Nintendo fan all of my life. I could have been less arrogant with my supervisor, I could have been more considerate of my quota, I didn’t need to give away so many free Wii U’s. But it doesn’t matter, in my mind, they betrayed me lol