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PAOerfulone said:

I knew the Lakers were going to disappoint from the start.
I mean, you trade away or give up most of your supporting cast for a dude who is the textbook example of what happens when you play harder instead of smarter and who needs the ball in his hands all the time to be effective... While already having LeBron James, who is also extremely ball dominant AND an injury prone Anthony Davis. Unless they found some miracle chemistry we weren't aware of (they didn't) it was going to flop.

I didn't think it would flop THAT hard. But the fact that the Lakers' experiment ended up in failure did not surprise me.

I'm not going to pretend like I thought that it would be this much of a train wreck either; I figured LAL would at least be a lower seed playoff team. but anybody who even halfway pays attention to basketball as background noise could see the disaster from a continent away.

Want to know what makes it even more tragically funny? Thanks to the trade to get Davis, LAL doesn't own it's pick this year. It could either go to the Pelicans or another team (I think either the Grizzlies, Blazers or Wizards, I can't remember at the moment) depending on where the pick falls in draft order. Of all the years for the Lakers absolutely want it, they definitely will not have it.