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Chris Hu said:
burninmylight said:

I'm well aware that you can't comprehend my replies. That doesn't excuse the fact that every time you try to make a point, you ignore all evidence and facts pointing against it. You literally have one bullet point that you're beating into the ground so hard that the dead horse is practically glue at this point.


  • Paul George played in the first play in game


  • Paul George didn't play in the second play-in game. If he played, the Clips may have won and gotten into the playoffs. You keep pretending like one game is more important than the other.
  • Kawhi Leonard missed the season. I'm sure you've heard of him. If Leonard was healthy, the Clips may not have been in the PIT.
  • The Pelicans don't suck as bad as you think, even though you've never heard of them.
  • Comparing the Clippers and Pelicans last 10 games of the season don't mean much when the Pels tanked their final two against two elite Western teams that were playing full force. Prior to that, they were 9-4.
  • You keep whining about George missing the first play-in game to try to disguise the fact that you picked the Lakers and Nets to win their conferences and get to the finals, even declaring the Lakers champions after trading for Westbrook and saying Chris Paul should have opted out of his contract to join them *takes a moment to chuckle*. That is somehow your most horrendously blown hot take ever, and coming from you, that's quite the accomplishment.

Don't reply to me until you can come up with something new. You proved during last year's playoffs that you can go and plagiarize someone else's YouTube video when you do a half-ass job of applying yourself instead of a no-ass job, so try that again.

Try again I didn't pick the Lakers and the Nets to get to the finals.

Look at you, trying to bullshit your way out of your horrible takes by using exact words. OK, you're right though, you didn't say the Lakers AND the Nets.

Chris Hu said:

My not so bold prediction for the 2022 NBA Finals Warriors versus Nets. The Nets just need to stay healthy and tweak their bench a bit. The Warriors need Klay to come back healthy, Curry have a decent season. Draft somebody decent at the number 7 spot and use the 14th pick and someone else from their roster to trade for another top level player.

Chris Hu said:

Since the Lakers got Russ they will at least go to the WCF next season. Golden State still has more pieces to eventually have a much better roster then the Lakers. Looks like Ben Simmons is staying with the 76ers since they want the moon for him from other teams. I think Pascal Siakam is available that is who the Warriors should go after.

So I was wrong that you didn't pick the Lakers to make the Finals, but the WCF instead. Doesn't really make your shitty predictions any less shitty, because it's really hard to make the WCF when you can't make the play-in tournament though. But nope, LAL got Russell Westbrook, a player whose name you heard of down in whatever backwoods part of Texas you live in that doesn't have proper modern Internet, so they're going to the WCF, baby! Who cares that they gutted their roster to trade for a guy on a max contract that can't shoot, can't play off ball, isn't a plus defender, and needs an entire team designed around him to even make a lower seed playoff team?

Chris Hu said:
Angelus said:

Can't help but be sad for Chris Paul. Highly unlikely he'll get another crack at that elusive title. Still though, heck of a playoff run he had at 36. Hopefully he's able to reflect upon it in a positive light once all the dust settles.

That said, while I am sad for CP3, it's also hard not to be happy for the Bucks. They really came together, and played by far their best basketball in the Finals, when it mattered. Giannis came back within a week from what looked like it was going to be a devastating injury, and pretty much lit the world on fire. Even down 0-2, total never say die attitude. You gotta respect, and applaud it.

Yeah unless he ops out of the final year of his contract and signs with another contender (Lakers) this was pretty much his last great chance of winning a title as a starter.  He could still eventually win a title riding the bench on championship team like Gary Payton did with the '06 Heat.

Those poor, poor Suns, amirite?

Wait, what about your Warriors pick for the Finals?

Chris Hu said:

With Devin Booker the Suns will be favorites against the Warriors since they have home court and won the regular season matchup.  Plus, they easily won eleven more games than the Warriors during the regular season.  Not only that the Warriors will also be underdogs against the Grizzlies in the next round.

When you don't even follow your own "analysis" and predictions, why do you think anyone else should? Every time I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is, you run and hide: you pretended not to see my messages for TWO YEARS when I challenged you to a bet on the Harden vs. Antetokounmpo for MVP race  in '20, and you wouldn't comment on Sixers vs. Raptors until AFTER Philly won Game 3 a few nights ago. And when you come back from hiding, you regurgitate the same tired old points over and over (Harden will win MVP because the WC is better, PG missed the Clppers first play-in game).

Give it a rest dude. Your grasp of the NBA is like Disney's grasp on culture in It's a Small World. There's nothing wrong with that, but you're not fooling anyone into thinking you know what you're talking about.