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sethnintendo said:

Did you have cd boom box player in the 90s?   Like this... Those chewed up and ate cds in short time.   Maybe I just had a shit brand one back in day.   Once I got a Sony good one in late 90s it didn't scratch disc but the early cheap ones sucked.   Don't get me started on not treating disc right.   Hell even my GameCube games that I'd keep in case but play constantly like Mario kart double dash are scratched to shit but still play.   Disc suck.   USB or cartridges are far superior.

I never used CDs in those, they already chewed up cassette tapes on a regular bases. Those things are only good for radio.

Anyway I've lost far more from faulty memory cards, USB sticks, HDDs etc than from CDs. Floppy discs though, ouch. I've had plenty disc read errors on consoles, but it was always the disc drive, not the disc. From all the discs I've bought over the decades I have one blu-ray with a repeatable scratch, one music CD and one PS2 game. HDD failures at least 10, memory card failures and USB stick failures far outweigh any disc failures. However cartridges have held out well. My GBA game cartridges all still work and even the box of Intellivision cartridges my wife bought at a garage sale all still work.