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SvennoJ said:
sethnintendo said:

Those discs suck and get scratched. Early CD players used to destroy disc in one or two playings. What eventually happened was ripping. People ripped cds to computer to preserve their purchase. Best format to listen to your own collection these days? USB drive

Out of all the CDs I've bought since the 90s and still buy, only one has a scratch that makes the player skip in that spot. But I've seen how people treat their CDs so it doesn't surprise me. I've never had a CD player destroy a disc. (I have had memory cards and USB drives that stopped working)

People ripped cds to computer to share them... I still use CDs in the car, never any issues, sounds great. At home I prefer blu-ray for music, DTS HD MA 7.1 sounds much better than any streaming. Although I often just put the radio on, good old FM stereo. I never got on with mp3s and USB drives. I can't see from the outside what's on a USB stick... Plus my Amp keeps crashing when connected to an iPod, useless.

Anyway, I'm glad the music I like is still released on CD. Much easier to keep track of.

Did you have cd boom box player in the 90s?   Like this... Those chewed up and ate cds in short time.   Maybe I just had a shit brand one back in day.   Once I got a Sony good one in late 90s it didn't scratch disc but the early cheap ones sucked.   Don't get me started on not treating disc right.   Hell even my GameCube games that I'd keep in case but play constantly like Mario kart double dash are scratched to shit but still play.   Disc suck.   USB or cartridges are far superior.