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burninmylight said:

So yes, like I said, the Clips played without Paul and George. You think missing their two most important players, the ones swallowing up the vast majority of the cap and the team is constructed around, are so much more talented than the Pelicans that it didn't matter? I don't just follow the NBA closer than you, I apparently follow a different league. I get that you don't know a thing about CJ McCollum since he was a second round pick stuck in Portland for the longest time, but figured you'd at least heard of Brandon Ingram since he's made an all-star team. Maybe even Lonzo Ball.

But no, Reggie Jackson and Nic Batum were supposed to carry a Clippers squad against a Pelicans team that had won nine of its last 13 games before running into the Grizzlies and Warriors to end the season... and in both games, didn't even dress Ingram or Ball and only played McCollum five minutes against Golden State while both Memphis and Golden State played all of their starters normal minutes, lol.

If you're so sure the Sixers will sweep the Raptors, then bet on it. Sig control, unless you're really feeling confident and want to up the stakes.

Since you didn't get it the first time, I have to say it again Paul George played in the first play in game against the Timberwolves.  Not only did he play in that game he actually did pretty good since he had seven rebounds five assists three steals and thirty-four points.  Plus, they had a decent enough lead going into the fourth quarter that they should easily have won the game.   As for the game against the Pelicans they knew well in advantage that George would miss it they had more than enough time to make pre-game adjustments to make up for him not playing.  Plus, both the Clippers and Pelicans had identical 6-4 records in there last ten games going into the play in tournament.  The Clipper actually where the hottest team of the four teams that made the play in tournament in the West since they won five straight.  As for the 76ers the sweep is still on at least the Raptors deserve some minor credit since they forced today's game to go into overtime.