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burninmylight said:
LudicrousSpeed said:

Glad my Mavericks got at least one game. I don’t see them winning more than one or two with Luka out. If you have to rely on Maxi hitting 8 three pointers and Brunson having career games, it’s not going to end well on most nights.

On the flip side I gotta wonder what the Jazz coaches were thinking in game two, they made no adjustments as the game went on. It also showcases the fact that if Luka were playing and healthy, this would be like a five game series max.

What happened to Luka will be a cautionary tale on why coaches rest players in the last few games of the regular season when their playoff positioning is decided. I wouldn't declare it to be a genteman's sweep though.

The irony is, he woulda been suspended for that game in which he got injured, except the NBA rescinded that technical. The suspension would have done them a favor lol.