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Chris Hu said:
burninmylight said:

The Clippers played without Leonard and George, the two guys the team is built around. They just went the entire season without Leonard. For a guy obsessed with star players and household names, I figured you'd mention that.

I'd also figure that you'd count the Nets as the most disappointing team in the East, seeing as how you pegged them to be the top team in the conference and in the finals right after they got knocked out last year.

Willing to bet that the Sixers won't sweep the Raptors?

Paul George played in the first play in game.  I thought you followed the NBA closer than I did.  Even with him missing the second play in game against the Pelicans the Clippers still had enough talent to win that game.  I'm pretty sure the 76ers will sweep the Raptors since they have nobody that can stop Embiid plus the 76ers have a vastly superior backcourt.

So yes, like I said, the Clips played without Paul and George. You think missing their two most important players, the ones swallowing up the vast majority of the cap and the team is constructed around, are so much more talented than the Pelicans that it didn't matter? I don't just follow the NBA closer than you, I apparently follow a different league. I get that you don't know a thing about CJ McCollum since he was a second round pick stuck in Portland for the longest time, but figured you'd at least heard of Brandon Ingram since he's made an all-star team. Maybe even Lonzo Ball.

But no, Reggie Jackson and Nic Batum were supposed to carry a Clippers squad against a Pelicans team that had won nine of its last 13 games before running into the Grizzlies and Warriors to end the season... and in both games, didn't even dress Ingram or Ball and only played McCollum five minutes against Golden State while both Memphis and Golden State played all of their starters normal minutes, lol.

If you're so sure the Sixers will sweep the Raptors, then bet on it. Sig control, unless you're really feeling confident and want to up the stakes.