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Chris Hu said:

The way the Clippers choked in both play in games made their season almost as bad as the Lakers. In the east the two most disappointing teams were the Knicks and the Wizards. Glad the Mavs won today, Luka just needs to come back and help them win one game in Utah and then take help them win their remaining home games. Looks like the 76ers will sweep the Raptors.

The Clippers played without Leonard and George, the two guys the team is built around. They just went the entire season without Leonard. For a guy obsessed with star players and household names, I figured you'd mention that.

I'd also figure that you'd count the Nets as the most disappointing team in the East, seeing as how you pegged them to be the top team in the conference and in the finals right after they got knocked out last year.

Willing to bet that the Sixers won't sweep the Raptors?